Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Me Made May '13 Pledge

So, I totally spaced, and forgot to post my pledge for Me Made May '13 before 1st of May, so I thought I'd better at least do it ON 1st of May...
So here goes:

 'I, Hanne of All Things Greyhawke, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear one (or more) me-made or re-purposed item such as Jewellery, Clothing, or other Accessory at least (but not limited to) 4 days of each week, for the duration of May 2013'

I will be posting these here on the blog as often as I can, or will do one blog at the end of the week for all the ones that I wore during the week.

I really enjoy this challenge, because it pushes me off the couch and gets me making things again.
I've spent a few days in the past week finally making some of the things I have been planning to make for a while now.
I always have soooo many great ideas in my head, but never have the drive to actually get myself to do them, or am too afraid to use up the precious resources I have accumulated over the years, so this is truly a great opportunity to push myself to finally do some things that have been planned for so long.

I hope you enjoy, and please, I welcome any feed back / thoughts / ideas that you might have when you see what I post, so please, don't hesitate to comment!

Happy Me Made May '13!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Me-Made-May - Final items that never made it to my blog...

So, I actually did Me Made May for two days longer than I posted about them (not very proud that I ended up giving up, but I just didn't have the time to sort more things out for that month - hopefully there'll be another one some time soon, or I'll just do my own). Anyway, see below my final 2 items for Me Made May 2012:

Day 08 - Reverse side of the Day 01 Vest

This side was made using fabrics that didn't make it into my Final Collection "Smoke and Mirrors" for tech. It's a lovely textured almost linen feeling fabric, and goes great with the grey from the print on the other side.

Day 08
Day 09 - Leopard Print Skirt

So leopard print is not usually something I would choose to use for myself, but in this case I think it didn't work out to badly. This was supposed to the lining on a gold swing skirt I made for a lady who does burlesque shows. It didn't work as a lining (the bias areas of the skirt kept dropping at the hem, so the lining would show, and it also got too heavy to be a swing skirt) so I turned this into a gathered swing skirt for myself. It's a heavy enough georgette that it's not see through, but it moves beautifully and looks wonderfully quirky with certain items in my wardrobe. I have since this photo discovered a far better top to go with it, but can't actually wear it to work as on this day, because that would ruin that top. The skirt also looks great with a chunky belt at the waist, and is definitely a great feature piece for an outfit.

Let me know what y'all think :) I still need to take photos and post about the cape I made this winter also - blog to follow later though...

DIY 001 - Toilet Roll Holder

So... I finally gave in to the Reality TV Show craze (other than Project Runway, cos that doesn't count if you ever studied fashion lol). We have started watching the new TV Show The Block NZ. I love every single thing that the couple Ben and Libby do - and all this has inspired me to start doing some DIY for my own place.

My first project planned was to make a mirror and do some tiling above my vanity, as my only mirror is currently still my bedroom, not above my vanity. As my vanity has a light fixture above it, put there intentionally to light up a mirror, I thought it was about time to put a mirror there to go with the light fixture. My plan was to use some old glass splashback samples (which I previously referred to as tiles, now thanks to The Block NZ and walking through Mitre 10, I know better) to make a frame for said mirror, and to use a row of those same 'tiles' to tile the area just above the vanity (to avoid the mirror getting all dirty). However, the splashback samples are odd sizes, so they have now been ruled out for the tiling - I have ordered nice basic square green tiles from a designer tile shop (I could have spent hours in that place looking at the pretty tiles) and will use those for the tiling. I will still use the splashback samples for the mirror, and have bought supplies for this - adhesive, plywood backing, grouting, etc. This project may be started once I get the green tiles from the designer tile shop (they had to order them), cos I will do the tiling first, and then start on the mirror.

My 2nd project was several shelves to go in the small space between my vanity (which will have the mirror above it) and my shower. This space is about 33cm wide (330mm as I have come to refer to it as) so I decided to make specific shelves for this. As the shelves will need to be attached to GIB board, we decided to make a back board to attach the shelves to. My dad has also found in his infinite stash of awesome 2nd hand things lying around a great set of 8 shaped glass shelf panels, of which I will use 3 for the shelf. We have managed to build most of this unit so far, but then Mum pointed out that we should really use the panels holding the tongue and groove back panels together to also create a gap to wedge the glass panels into at the back - thus giving these a bit better security as they will just be lying on top of the brackets I have already made. So this lovely tip has now bought this project to a screeching halt, as my dad didn't have the time yesterday to help me prepare the new required pieces to change this over.

So instead, we decided to move on to my 3rd planned Project - a wooden Toilet Paper Roll Holder. I was really hoping that since I just wanted to slap this together, I'd be able to do more on my own. So I got my dad to cut the pieces to the right size on the scary big machines yesterday morning before he had to go, and then proceeded to put together the bulk of the box on my own during the day. So now I have a cute little box to hide my toilet paper rolls in.

The colour of the wood goes perfectly with all the bright green in my bathroom (most of the walls are painted green, and all of the accessories are green). I'm thinking hopefully I can make a small cabinet to also go in my bathroom with basket draws in this similar style - I think they would look awesome together.
Anyway, I had heaps of fun making things using materials other than fabrics for a change! It's been a long time since I have worked with anything other than fabric, and it was definitely a welcome change - however this doesn't mean that I ain't gonna go and continue working on my Crazy Quilt Cushion cover right now - blog for this to come later.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Me-Made-May 07

Today's Me Made Item:

I made this vest yesterday. I am officially bad at sewing these days, I made so many rookie mistakes, I was quite ashamed of myself...

However, I persevered, and finished it, despite wanting to quit several times during the day! I don't usually do that, I usually stop if I'm not sure about the quality/awesomenss of a project that I'm working on. But wanting to show this off as today's item made me finish it, and I'm very happy that I did. I'll make some adjustments to the pattern, then I can make myself another one out of different fabric :)

Me-Made-May 06

Today's Me Made item:

I made this little headband for a theatre production set in the late 1930s. It was to go with a cute little jacket and pencil skirt outfit worn by a girl playing a reporter. It was to be a little necktie, but it never really worked with the outfit, so it got deposited in my endless stash of fabrics. I found it recently when organizing my bags of fabrics into plastic boxes of fabrics.

This was perfect for wearing for a day of sewing, the results of which I'll be posting tomorrow as my Me Made item :)


My item for Saturday:

I made this one afternoon a few years back. Unfortunatly, it's not very practical with the dangling bits, so I don't wear it often. However, I thought it would be fine for wearing on a Saturday to run a few errands and pop in to work to send a few emails.

Thought I better post a picture of me actually wearing it, so here goes:

Friday, 4 May 2012

Me-Made-May 04.05.12

Me Made Item for today:

The vest thingy I am wearing is my item that I made. It's a mesh (but a nice looking one), it has lots of panels, it goes quite short at the back, and then the front hangs down almost to the floor. It wasn't my intention for the front to be sooo long, but the fabric stretched, and I am very short so, it just kind of happened that way. I usually tie the front long bits in a knot, and that looks quite cool too, but for the photo you couldn't really see the piece, so I decided to take the knots out.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to sift through terrible photos of myself and then pick one to share with everyone, but I shall persist and hopefully I'm not offending too many people out there...

Happy weekend everyone!